Mexico Bans Animal Testing on the Heels of Documentary ‘Save Ralph’

In what is a massive victory for animals, Mexico just passed a law banning animal testing for cosmetics. The new law also bans the manufacture, import, and marketing of cosmetics tested on animals elsewhere in the world. 

Mexico’s decision to ban animal testing for cosmetics now makes them the first country in North America to do so. Along with 41 other countries that have banned such tests, 7 states in the United States and 10 states in Brazil have also banned these tests. 

 “This is a monumental step forward for animals, consumers, and science in Mexico,” says Antón Aguilar, executive director of Humane Society International (HSI) in Mexico. “This ground-breaking legislation leads the way for the Americas to become the next cruelty-free beauty market, and brings us one bunny-leap closer to a global ban.”

In this day and age where technology has come so far, animal testing for cosmetics is an unnecessary procedure that is still practiced in many countries. 

Rabbits, mice, rats, and guinea pigs undergo horrific tests with shockingly low efficiency of 40 to 60%

These questionable, painful, stressful, and inaccurate tests that include being force-fed chemicals and having dangerous substances dripped into their eyes claim the lives of more than half a million of these animals annually. 

Photo courtesy of Humane Society International

“We thank the Mexican government for showing leadership on this important issue, and we will continue to work with them to implement the commitments and enforce a robust ban,” says Aguilar

Earlier in 2019, ONG Te Protejo, an organization that operates in Latin America responsible for many environment-friendly and animal-friendly initiatives, including banning animal testing, conducted a survey in association with the Humane Society International.

According to this survey, a whopping 78% of Mexican citizens admitted that they prefer their cosmetics to be free of animal testing.

After two years of campaigns to end animal testing,  this groundbreaking bill championed by Senator Ricardo Monreal, Humane Society International Mexico, and Te Protejo has finally passed.

Save Ralph’ and Its Impact

The bill comes on the heels of the heartbreaking stop motion documentary by HSI, Save Ralph, which went viral worldwide with more than 150 million social media views, over 730 million tags on TikTok, and garnered 1.3 million petition signatures in Mexico. 

The documentary features the voices of a multinational, multilingual cast of global stars like the Oscar-winning director Taika Waititi, actors Rosario Dawson, Ricky Gervais, Zac Effron, and many others.

Calling the decision “historic,” bill sponsor Senator Monreal says, “Finally, we’re going to save ‘Ralph’ and all the animals because today we are approving a historic reform: the prohibition to use them as experiments for beauty products.”

If you want to help end this cruel practice in the United States, you’re in luck as the Humane Cosmetics Act is set to be reintroduced in the U.S. Congress. You can let your voice be heard by contacting your elected officials now.

Vibhooti Mangal Tiwari
Vibhooti Mangal Tiwari

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