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5 Effortless Vegan Back-to-School Snacks

September is here and with it comes the return to schools, universities, and the workplace, which means it’s time to start packing food for wherever you need to go. 

Whether you’re looking for on-the-go snack ideas for your busy work week or needing inspiration for vegan goodies to pack in your kids’ lunch bags, these five snack ideas are easy, budget-friendly, and time-saving  — and just the thing to save you from a rumbly tummy. 

1. Hummus and Veggies or Crackers 

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No simple bean spread, hummus can be dressed up with kalamata olives or savored the classic way with tahini, lemon, and garlic. This protein-packed snack rocks with carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber wedges. Or, you can pair it with your favorite pita chips, crackers, and pretzels

Hummus is easy to find in any store, and even easier to make in your own kitchen. Check out this 5-minute recipe! 

2. Yogurt Parfaits with Granola, Fruit, and Toppings Galore

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We love Silk’s Vanilla Soy Yogurt and Forager’s Cashewmilk Yogurt for yogurt parfaits. Both have the thickness, creaminess, and signature tang that comes with traditional cow’s milk yogurt but without the dairy industry’s animal cruelty. 

Loaded with active live cultures and calcium, these yogurts are the perfect base for endlessly customizable (and nutritious) parfaits. Top or layer them with agave, shredded coconut, fresh fruit, and homemade or storebought granola (just watch out for honey!) Try swirling in a dollop of your favorite jam to shake things up! 

3. Apples and Sunbutter 

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This allergy-free twist on a classic favorite (apples and peanut butter) is school-safe and holds up well being knocked around in a lunch bag or tote bag for a few hours. Sunbutter recently launched a line of super convenient 1.5oz mini cups that make putting this snack together a snap. 

Change up the type of apple you use to keep this snack fresh and exciting. Sweet and tart Pink Lady apples, floral Honeycrisp, and pucker-your-lips sour Granny Smith apples all go well with Sunbutter. Or, if you want to be eco-friendly and support small businesses, you could also head to your local orchards and farmers’ markets to purchase regional apples!

4. Granola Bars 

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Never underestimate the humble granola bar! Start with oats (or nuts and seeds) and your favorite sweetener and you’ve got a blank canvas for all of your snacking needs. 

Whether you prefer nutty and fruity granola bars or coconutty vanilla ones studded with chocolate chips, there’s a granola bar out there for you. To find one, search on the shelves of your favorite grocery store or look up recipes online of the many spectacular vegan food blogs. 

5. Cookies 

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No matter what side of the cookie debate you’re on (soft and chewy or crunchy and crispy), not much can match the sweet satisfaction that comes from biting into one of these classic treats. 

As one of the easiest baked goods to master and find on store shelves, cookies make a delightful snack. Enjoy Life and Partake offer miniature and full-sized vegan cookies with flavors ranging from traditional chocolate chip, to birthday cake, snickerdoodle, and gingersnap

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