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Amid Much Fanfare, McDonald’s Debuts the Much Awaited McPlant in the UK

It’s no secret that vegan foods are gaining popularity. What was once thought impossible is now a reality. Nothing speaks more truth to this than the fact that some of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the world have been working hard to make their menus vegan-friendly. 

Joining the long list of internationally recognized brands offering vegan options is McDonald’s, which has finally rolled out its much-awaited vegan burger, the McPlant. 

The McPlant will be made available in 10 McDonalds locations in Coventry on a trial basis. The vegan burger will be added to over 250 locations in England and Ireland by mid-October. 

Earlier, the McPlant was tested in Sweden and Norway but it wasn’t completely vegan as it was cooked on the same grill as beef burgers. After feedback, the latest version of McPlant will be cooked separately with dedicated utensils and is fully certified as vegan by the Vegetarian Society. 

The McPlant patty has been developed with Beyond Meat after McDonald’s and Beyond Meat entered a three-year global agreement in February 2021.

McDonalds McPlant vegan burger drive through
Photo from Reuters

The truly delightful news for vegans worldwide is that early reactions to the McPlant indicate that McDonald’s and Beyond Meat have delivered on their promise of coming up with a burger so delicious, for a moment it will make people forget they’re eating a vegan burger. 

 With McDonald’s global popularity, the difference the McPlant can create if it’s a smash hit across the US and Canada is astronomical. 

 The McPlant’s successful replication of McDonald’s classic hamburgers will encourage more people to try it and view it as a viable alternative to traditional beef burgers. That in itself will end up saving the lives of countless animals.

Vegan Meat on the Rise?

New studies consistently report that people have been consuming far more plant-based products since the pandemic began. According to the latest market report by the platform Tastewise, vegan meat is featured 1340 percent more on American menus compared to what it was before the emergence of COVID-19. 

The report also states that the plant-based meat substitute market is already at $7 billion in the US alone.

McDonalds McPlant vegan burger on green McDonalds box
Photo from Food Bev Media

While health concerns are the leading reason for switching to a vegan diet people who report cutting out meat and animal products for sustainability and climate change have increased by 58 percent and 83 percent in the last year.

“Many companies are working to reduce the significant climate footprint of the animal-farmed meat industry by innovating ways to move away from animal meat,” Tastewise CEO Alon Chen wrote in the report, “This increase in resources devoted to plant-based meat products.”

“We’re looking forward to a healthier, more sustainable world of food and beverage, where we all play a part,” says Chen.

If this news is anything to go by, vegan foods are here to stay.

Vibhooti Mangal Tiwari
Vibhooti Mangal Tiwari

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