Field Roast and Little Caesars Create Pizza Topped with Plant-Based Pepperoni

Vegans and vegetarians no longer need to hold the pepperoni now that Field Roast and Little Caesars have announced a new product collaboration—Planteroni Pizza, a pizza topped with Field Roast’s plant-based pepperoni.

Field Roast’s plant-based pepperoni product is made from pea protein and seasoned with fennel, cracked black pepper, garlic, and paprika.

“Planteroni delivers a plant-based version of the delicious flavor of America’s most popular pizza topping. You need to taste it to believe it,” says Jeff Klein, Chief Marketing Officer at Little Caesars. “This product is really going to surprise and delight our customers.”

However,  although marketing is geared toward vegans and vegetarians, Field Roast’s announcement discloses that Little Caesars’ “finished [Planteroni] pizza is not plant-based. Plant-based is limited to the pepperoni ingredient only.”

One prominent vegan Facebook page, A Virtual Vegan, commented on Field Roast’s Facebook post announcement of the product, saying, “It’s about time they got with the times and offered a 100% vegan pizza with vegan cheese.” 

Other Facebook users agreed that an entirely plant-based option would be ideal, due to the Planteroni Pizza containing dairy.  

In response to several critical comments after the announcement, Field Roast’s Facebook page replied, “One step at a time!”

The Planteroni Pizza will be available for $8.49 for order through the Little Caesars’ app for delivery or Pizza Portal pickup in select locations throughout the country.

Mikaela Stiner
Mikaela Stiner

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