5 Eye-Opening Documentaries that Will Challenge You to Go Vegan

Looking to start your vegan journey but need a push in the right direction? These documentaries will help you cast your doubts aside and motivate you to take the first step.


No conversation about documentaries on veganism can start without acknowledging what is perhaps one of the most influential documentaries on the subject. Apart from having gained a legendary status in the vegan community for being life-changing, Earthlings also has the prestigious distinction of being narrated by long-time vegan Joaquin Phoenix.

Although it is not an easy watch, Earthlings drives home the point why going vegan is the better choice by using hidden camera footage to document the exploitation of animals across five industries: pet, food, clothing, entertainment, and scientific research.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Giving up meat is always the first step toward going vegan. But what about the world’s obsession with eating hamburgers? How does the demand for eating cows at such a high rate  affect the world around us?The now famous documentary Cowspiracy: The Sustainable Secret investigates that, and more.

Where Cowspiracy excels is going beyond the cruel practices of the animal agriculture industry to analyze the impact it has on the environment. Linking animal agriculture to greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, water shortage, ocean dead zones, and deforestation, Cowspiracy makes you think about how what you eat affects the environment.

Photo from PETA


One of the highest reviewed documentaries of all time, Blackfish focuses on the problem with using wild animals as entertainment. Especially in aquariums and zoos. Blackfish is centered around Tilikum, an orca that was held captive by Seaworld and was involved in the deaths of three people. 

The documentary shines a light on the absurd idea of keeping killer whales in captivity. It explores how being trapped in a tank led to Tilikum’s conflict with other whales and contributed to his aggression. Blackfish also explores other harmful aspects of the aquarium industry at large. 


This one isn’t for the faint-hearted. If there is a documentary on animal cruelty that should come with a warning, it’s this one. Right from the horrifying sounds of animal suffering in its opening credits, Dominion hits you hard.

It proceeds to showcase the dark side of animal agriculture using hidden cameras and aerial drones that capture some of the most horrifying and heartbreaking footage you’ll ever see. It covers farmed animals, wild animals, companion animals, entertainment animals, fur animals, and animal experimentation. Narrated by vegan celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Sadie Sink and Sia, its highly graphic nature might not be easy to stomach.

Photo by Hung Tran from Pexels


A devastating look into the fishing industry, Seaspiracy, which went viral on Netflix earlier this year, is one of the most shocking documentaries you will ever watch. From the co-creator of Cowspiracy, Seaspiracy is an in-depth look into the destruction of oceans, marine life, and the environment by the fishing industry and its various harmful practices.

From showing you the reality and cruelty of fish farming in various countries to exposing the organizations and labels responsible for protecting marine life and the slave labor involved in fishing, Seaspiracy covers a lot of ground in highlighting the damage this industry causes to the world.

Vibhooti Mangal Tiwari
Vibhooti Mangal Tiwari

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