5 More Documentaries to Help You with Your Vegan Journey

In our previous article about documentaries on veganism, we talked about some of the most significant documentaries that laid the foundation for a healthy discussion about food, animal agriculture, and veganism.

In this follow-up, we’re discussing five more documentaries that spark conversations about plant-based food and its health implications.

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What The Health

A follow-up to the groundbreaking documentary Cowspiracy, What The Health explores the corruption in government and big businesses to show you how your food is possibly making you sick. What The Health is easily the most controversial vegan documentary. Since it analyzes the health impact of meat, fish, eggs, and dairy and advocates a plant-based diet, it hasn’t had the most favorable reception. Whether or not you agree with What The Health tries to show, it asks some very important questions and has left a big impact.

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The Game Changers

If you are health conscious and interested in nutrition, you should check out The Game Changers. A documentary about the advantages of plant-based diets, The Game Changers follows several elite vegan athletes, including Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton, tennis ace Novak Djokovic, and strongman Patrik Baboumian, as they train and prepare to compete in major events. This documentary reveals the harmful effects of meat consumption and animal products on human health and supports veganism for its better health outcomes. 

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Food, Inc.

Narrated by activist and author Eric Schlosser, Food, Inc. is your one-stop solution to knowing all about giant corporations that are taking over all aspects of the food industry in the United States. Along with interviews with ordinary Americans about their dietary habits, Food, Inc. also features commentary from food experts like Michael Pollan. To give you a better idea of how corporate farming in the United States affects the environment and is abusive to both animals and employees, Food, Inc. investigates these large-scale animal processing plants by showing you unsettling footage that is sure to change how you view animal agriculture.

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Forks Over Knives

People are constantly looking for ways to reduce their susceptibility to and reverse life-threatening conditions. But what if there’s a really simple answer to this? Could a vegan diet be the solution? Forks Over Knives discusses how diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and coronary artery disease can be linked to the diets high in processed animal-based foods that people consume today. This documentary advocates for a shift from meat consumption to veganism as the way to prevent and treat these often fatal diseases. 

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73 Cows

Our final vegan documentary recommendation is unlike any other.  73 Cows is a documentary that will make you hopeful. 73 Cows speaks through interviews with Jay and Katja Wilde of Bradley Nook Farm, Derbyshire, where they talk about their farm and their cows. It traces Jay’s evolution from a beef farmer to someone who managed to find a sanctuary for his herd to prevent them from being slaughtered. The uniqueness of this documentary lies in how it explores the relationship between humans and animals on a very personal level and shows Jay’s emotional attachment to his animals.

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These five documentaries have inspired and continue to inspire lifestyle changes in people all over the world. We hope they can help you find your own path to a healthy, mindful, and compassionate cruelty-free life.

Vibhooti Mangal Tiwari
Vibhooti Mangal Tiwari

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