Top 7 Vegan-Friendly Cities in the World

Planning a trip but don’t know if your destination has vegan options?

Here is a list of the top seven most vegan friendly cities in the world, according to one of the largest vegan online restaurant guides, Happy Cow*.

Blossoming Lotus

7. Portland, U.S.

Coming in at number seven, Portland is known for its hipster, artsy and free-spirited vibes, which is probably why the vegan scene fits in so well with its culture.

As it’s one of the top three vegan cities in the U.S., it’s not a surprise to see it make the charts worldwide.

Locals rave about Blossoming Lotus, calling it some of the best vegan food they have ever had. After munching on the Yakisoba noodles, head over to Virtuous Pie for some delicious artisanal pizzas.


6. Warsaw, Poland

This beautiful city is Poland’s capital, and it came in strong as one of the top vegan cities in Europe.

In Warsaw, vegan cuisine was originally met with controversy, as the country’s conservative culture is traditionally meat-driven. However, it hasn’t stopped the growth of vegan-food lovers.

If you’re a foodie, then you can’t miss eating at Krowarzywa, known for having the best vegan burger in town.

Planta Queen

5. Toronto, Canada

This bustling city is more than a hockey powerhouse. For the last 35 years, it has been hosting its annual iconic Veg Food Fest celebrating all things veg.

If you make it here, you have to check out Planta Queen. Notorious for it’s delicious vegan sushi, this place is raving with reviews. “Their sushi is to die for!” and “The best sushi I’ve ever had!” are just some of the comments praising Planta Queen. 

Monty’s Good Burger

4. Los Angeles, U.S.

Los Angeles is notorious for its health-crazed culture of green juices and cleanses, so we’re not  shocked that it made it to top four vegan friendly cities.

Anytime of day, you can find a savory vegan meal to enjoy. For breakfast, try the Grain Cafe, then grab a vegan burrito at almost any Mexican place. Make sure to try LA’s exclusive 100% vegan fast food joint Monty’s Good Burger.


3. Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s rich history of politics, war and separation is well-known throughout the city with its monuments and historical buildings. 

What’s lesser known is that Berlin is home to over 300 restaurants with vegan options; It’s most popular being Ataya, serving local German cuisine at an affordable price.

Double Zero

2. New York City, U.S.

New York City comes runner up with 111 restaurants within a five-mile radius of the city.

What can’t you do in New York? The verdict is still out for that, but you can absolutely grab a vegan bit to eat just about anywhere.

Try delicious authentic vegan Italian at Double Zero or grab an infamous NY bagel topped with tofu cream cheese at Bagels & Schmear.

Temple of Seitan

1. London, UK

Ranked as the most vegan-friendly city in the world (twice), the hardest part of eating vegan in London is choosing which of the 152 vegan restaurants you’d want to eat at.

Fun fact: In 2017, London opened the world’s first vegan “chicken” shop Temple of Seitan. And don’t forget to grab vegan fish and chips or “tofus” and chips at a Loving Hut location.

* This list was evaluated by Happy Cow based on four main factors: the number of vegan restaurants in a five-mile radius in the most vegan restaurant-dense area in each city, the number of vegan/vegetarian/veg-option restaurants in the same five-mile radius, vegan restaurant count to population density, and their impression of the overall vegan-friendliness of the city (availability of events, meetups, & community).

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